Froth - Bubles in new Gray3

I have seen a couple other posts on this concern that have been closed. The prints are coming out fine, but I have another problem with the excessive bubbles in this newer version of this resin. This thicker froth lays on the print and doesnt flow off like it did with the previous resin. This is leaving a LOT more uncured resin on the surface of the prints needing to be removed in cleaning process. After cleaning 2 prints my first IPA tank went from perfectly clear after a number of prints to milk. You cant see the bottom of the tank. Now with the new gray3 I have to replace my alcohol every 2 prints?!

Noticing bubbles in the resin tank is normal with Grey v3 and won’t adversely affect prints as you’re seeing. I wouldn’t expect this to significantly increase the amount of resin remaining on a part after printing, but Grey v3 can discolor IPA more quickly than some of the other materials. Are you noticing that the IPA is no longer cleaning parts after 2 uses? The opacity can sometimes change quite quickly but I’ve found that the IPA still works for cleaning parts even after it’s become relatively opaque.

On my 3rd print with the new resin now. There is a definite hit to the effectiveness of the IPA. Time to clean has doubled because every part has to be toothbrush scrubbed. BTW, I am experiencing a froth not just bubbles.

This is not a fetal flaw. What this is is an increase in cost of operation and slight increase in cleaning time. I cant see any improvement in the new resin. I only steps backward. What was the expected improvement in changing the resin?

This is turning out to be an even bigger problem… This frothy resin isnt cleaning properly out of the areas where the support structures is. When you cant clean it out properly it cures like cottage cheese on the surface where the support is attached. I want a bottle of the old resin and a new resin tray sent to me. This is a real problem!

I will post pictures in a new thread in 3 hours illustrating all of this.

Here are the pictures. These first images are of the froth and of the IPA that has been fouled by cleaning just a few parts.

Here are images of the support structure side vs. the top side. The frothy resin from the new gray3 is not clearing properly from where the support structure attaches to the model. Residual resin is curing on the model and leaving a terrible surface finish.

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Thanks for sending those pictures over. Is it possible that orientation is playing a roll in the muddied bottom surface finish for some of these parts? Geometry that builds on top of support structures and has steep overhangs can sometimes be challenging to resolve and lead to a slightly skewed surface finish.

When trying to extend the lifetime of IPA, we’ll sometimes remove supports prior to cleaning the models. This might also help out with some of those hard to access spots where residual resin is having trouble clearing out.

No this is not an orientation issue. These are not my first prints. The bottom line is that the resin has changed for the worse and I am not the only one that is seeing this. What I am not hearing are remedies from the Formlabs side. Placation is counter productive.

Mine does the frothing too, but my results aren’t usually that bad. I do have a problem with those same lines though. No matter what orientation. It’s kind of disappointing.

Usually the froth gets pushed to the sides of the tank and thus is a non-issue. IMHO it is clear that in this specific case the froth gets trapped around the part. Is is possible that the bubbles become trapped between the part and the PDMS layer ?


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