Foam in grey resin affecting print

I posted before about foaming in grey resin. I kind of solved the problem by emptying the resin tank and filtering it with a paint filter after every print. I waste a little resin doing this which i’m not happy with since it cost so much. I included a picture of the base on one print. If anyone can see the picture clear enough, it looks like bubbles on the base to me. If i can get any input on what other people see, it would be appreciated. I also included a picture of the tank after two print.

Sure looks like bubbles to me. Perhaps they weren’t rinsed well enough in the IPA. What I like to do is use a little paint brush to gently rub the surface to help get rid of any leftover resin on the part while in the IPA. I also started recently rinsing the part off in water between the first and second IPA rinse as well as after. I blow the part completely dry after each water rinse. This helped with the parts being tacky after rinsing as well. Hope this helps.


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