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You don’t often get posts about positive stuff, so I thought I would make one. I’ll try not to be to mooshy as well :wink: Im a professional designer and Ive had my Form1 since July last year and always had issues with it in the early days. Back then, sending it back meant a 9 week wait for repairs (I’m in the UK) and many of us didn’t really know a great deal back then about how to keep our machines running. Since then, I’ve seen Formlabs support come along leaps and bounds as the community here at the same time has really got to grips with the technology and supported each other (and no doubt future development). With the opening of a UK support centre a while back, repairs and parts have been taking days, not weeks.

With this, my machine had quite literally got to the end of its life with multiple failing parts after After going through a few days of tests and sending reports and pictures of failed prints to Formlabs, they agreed it was time for a recondition. All under warranty, I add.

The machine was fixed with a load of new parts being replaced and back with me in a little over a week. I can also honestly say that it prints better that it ever has, working smoother and quieter than ever before as well as sharper details/finer prints.

Now, for the last while leading up to this I’ve been seriously considering moving on to my next machine and have been researching other machines in anger going back over the last month or so. Almost NEARLY ordered a couple of machines but due to poor customer contact or lacklustre responses to technical questions, this has dragged on to the point I’ve lost the will to live. Couple that with the lack of a community such as this and apparently little/poor after purchase support, I didn’t have confidence just to go out and buy something. These cheaper, clone machines flooding the market are really just not worth the risk so I wasn’t even bothering with them, I’m talking about western companies proposing to have great machines on the level of Formlabs. Well, I’m glad I held back now. With the excellent support I have received from Formlabs (now and in the past), the brilliant community here and the announcement on the 22nd, I’ll be hanging in to see what comes next for sure. Im ready to buy my next machine and move up a level, so I’m quite excited to see what this second generation machine will be capable of.

Thank you Formlabs!


You’re welcome, Lee. We’re lucky - and proud! - to have a fabulous customer like yourself; thanks for your continued support.

I have to second that experience with support.

I have had nothing but good experiences with them.
Some things we had to work though to get to the answer, but tech support over email is hard, and that is to be expected.

They have always responded to me in a very reasonable amount of time and have been helpful in my quest of running this printer.

So I too say… Thank You Formlabs Tech Support!

I have been using my formlab1+ since June and thankfully have not had any major issues. The only issue I had when I got my printer was that I could not remove the tank. I contacted Formlabs and within 2 days, problem solved.

Before purchasing my printer I talked with Meagan and asked her many questions about the printer because I did not want to have to deal with issues. She was helpful in answering my questions .
I had worked with 2 other Printer and wanted to make sure that I would not have issues that I experienced with the other printers.

When I placed my order I asked Meagan if it could be shipped soon because I had some models to print right away. She called the factory to make sure that it would be shipped the same day and 2 days later it was delivered.

I am pleased with my Form1+ and looking forward to getting a Form2.

Thank you team Formlabs.

I also want to leave here my appreciation on costumer support. They are really good!

Formlabs keep the good work! :+1:

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