Thanks for offering a satisfying solution to my case

Jory/formlabs support team

Just wanted to thank you for offering a satisfying solution to my case.   No regrets in backing your kickstarter campaign and hope you guys the best.

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Paulo, our pleasure!

Hi, also just want to share my experience of support from Formlabs. Preordered the F1 February 2013, got it delivered after long wait in Dec 2013. Printer worked very well for about 4 months but then suddenly lost of x-y dimensions. Contacted support and had some test files done together with laser spot test.  Decision was made to return printer for exchange due to faulty galvos. Got the replacement F1 today. Since I live in Sweden I had to pay the fright costs back and forth which I found acceptable. To some extent this cost was compensated for by Formlabs including one new extra printing platform and one new resin tray with the returning printer. All of the support process took between 5-6 weeks and included a little more waiting for mail replies than I had expected.

Overall I would range the support to be good, could wish the process to be quicker and don´t really object to having to pay the transportation cost - provided the exchange F1 has components that lasts…When it works as it should it´s a very useful machine. I mainly use it for rather small technical parts. Attach some pictures of the first print with the replacement F1. The small rings are 10 mm in outer diameter, hight is 3 mm and the wall thickness is 0.5 mm. Printed 5 of these placed at different locations on the platform. Layer thickness was 0,1mm. The tip of the pen is 0.5 mm in diameter. The rings roundness are difficult to measure due to beeing a bit thin walled and soft soon after print but seems to be very good, 9.97 - 10.05 mm. If the printer will continue to be this good I´ll be very happy with it and the support!


Kjell Nilsson

Kjell, nice photos and glad to hear your replacement is working well. We are working to decrease turn around times for repairs so expect improvements in the future.

Very nice

I have now also printed test parts in 0.025 and 0.05 layer thickness. Works good and with good magnification it is possible to see the difference. Parts positioned the same on the printing platform.