An appology is due! Thank you Formlabs

Roughly two weeks ago I posted about my frustrations with theFL3 on how it contentiously freezes up even after just a 100 layers …

Given that the machine was already a replacement and by now now well out of warranty; at least with respect to the initial purchase date, I was expecting a “we’ve taken the money run” attitude from Formlabs. Forgoing reaching out for further calls for support …

Then @DKirch (Formlabs Community Manager) suggested not to give up and still file a request for support.

So I did …

And support I did get !!

After explaining my grievances to Katarzyna (a BIG shout-out to her) took my case to heart. After some back and forth it was concluded to be most likely a firmware issue.

After resetting to factory defaults, installing the latest firmware and a whole bunch of successful test prints … I am a happy customer. Was even offered some resin to compensate for the extensive testing.

Thank you Formlabs :wink:


I’ll take what little credit I’m due, and pass the majority of it on to our lovely support team! I’m so glad they were able to get you printing again!


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