Great Customer Support


I just purchased my first 3D printer (Form 2 refurbished). I’ve been a long time user of Rhino and Grasshopper but always had my prints done by a third party. I chose Formlabs because of their reputation, website, followers and postings on LinkedIn, and webinars on a variety of topics. After many discussions with the sales rep (Jeff Higgins) we concluded that a refurbished unit was the best solution until the 3L came out. Jeff was very thorough in explaining what components and add-ons I would need including a Pro Service Plan. As it turns out, the PSP was the best purchase of all as it provided the means to get my problem resolved. On receipt of the printer, I got it unboxed and set up waiting for the tech video call to walk me through the printing process. During the video discussion, Jake Kapusta, (tech services rep) discovered that the unit was not recognizing the resin tank and needed to be replaced. Jake notified me by email that he had managed to get a new unit shipped to me that day. Upon arrival of the 2nd unit, we continued our discussion only to find that this unit was also unable to recognize the resin tank. Through some detailed troubleshooting on Jake’s part he was able to resolve the situation and get up me up and going. The speed and commitment of Jake and Jeff to resolve my problem was exceptional. In these days of lackluster customer support, poor follow-up, and finger pointing, it was a relief to work with a company that truly does put the customer first. I may have paid a premium for a Formlabs printer, but so far it has been absolutely the correct decision.


I have the same experience of great customer support with FormLabs - any reported problem was quickly resolved by the dedicated support team and the software bugs I found were fixed in the next versions of the PreForm (usually takes less than 2-3 weeks).

Also they shipped me a brand new resin cartridge after I found a small problem with a cartridge I used.

The quality of the printed details is so high and the reliability so good that I never sorry for my Form3 purchase - what pops up into my mind about Form3 is “silver price for golden quality”.


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