Gooey prints, grey v3

I have a form 2 with grey v3. I haven’t printed much. I printed a part recently that feels a little soft and flexible. I thought this might be normal for the material until I compared it to the sample chess piece I got before owning the printer. It’s considerably more solid. I know that some materials need to be cured after words but I didnt thinkt hat applied to this material. Not sure what my troubleshooting options are on this. thanks.

Sounds like you might not have printed in a while. Did you shake your cartridge very very well before printing, assuming it’s been sitting around while? Separation can make a big difference. Just an idea.

I have not shaken the cartridge. I didn’t know that was a thing. I guess it makes sense. I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

There can be a few things that would increase the flexibility of a part. Thin walls are one of the more obvious causes, but over-soaking a part in IPA will have an effect as well. Standard Resins often don’t need to be cured because they’re not used in a mechanical context, but curing parts will increase the stiffness.

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