Get rid of the PDMS layer

Hi everyone,

First I’d like to introduce myself as it’s the first time I’m posting on the forum.
I’m a young french designer and I’m using my FORM1 to develop new products (

So basically I’m not an engineer, but I have an idea that may improve our printers.

From my point a view the biggest problem with the current version is the peeling process.

There could be a way to get rid of it.
Replace the PDMS layer with a saline solution.
The resin will float above it, and won’t stick to it.

Sure there’s a surface tension problem + different platform calibration + saline/resin interaction
But I think it’s worth a try (if FormLabs haven’t thought of it yet)

Thanks for the suggest, Vivien. That certainly would be interesting. I assume you’ve taken a look at the Peachy Printer online – which uses just that trick!