Geometry artifact in Zbrush - Will this stop/effect quality in print? (Screenshot)

Hey, all,

I am prepping a zbrush model for printing on a Form 1 and have run into an issue while slicing it up in Zbrush.

As you can see from the image, I am getting some errant faces (sometimes) where there is an overhang. After slicing the sides of the face off, I then go and close holes/cap. I end up getting some faces (very thin, two sided geo) that span across some of valleys.

I know why it is happening and have been ‘fixing’ these spots as I move along. Unfortunately, my technique is slow, rather kludgey and just doesn’t give the cleanest results.

My question is; will these faces if left unaltered, prevent or negatively effect a print? I have limited access to my target printer and thus haven’t had an opportunity to do a test. The geo in question is the thinnest of thin. I’m pretty sure these are co-planer faces, which I am assuming are too thin to print and if they did could easily be Xacto’ed out.  But again, might it not print or could there be quality issues?

Thank you for your time.

You should download the PreForm software and load your model in. You will then see if those artifacts get repaired or of not what effect they are having on the print. You can use the slice slider in that area to see if the laser paths are being affected.

I downloaded Preform and loaded the .STL. It was repaired and loaded successfully, however the unwanted faces did not go away.

It had not occurred to me to check the slice. Good idea, I’ll try that tonight.

Thank you for your reply and for the tip!