Surface Artifacts on back of 3D head

Hi all,

In general our prints of 3D heads are coming out okay. We have learnt a lot in the past few weeks.

However we often seem to have strange artifacts on the backside of some of the heads.

There either seem to be bubbles inside the materials, or a part of the surface seems to come

or hasn’t even been printed.

There was at all times enough resin inside the tank, and the resin was bubble free as well.

We spray painted the surface a bit for the artifact to be better visible.

Anyone any idea what this could be?




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I had the same problem on my print - it’s like a skin “peeling” effect that doesn’t have any easy explanation.

Here’s what support said to me when I opened a ticket:

“Ooooh, creepy. The delamination and blistering that you’re observing may be due to issues with your new printer’s laser - it can overcure the outer layer of the print, while leaving the interior walls of a thin print squishy enough for the outside to fall off. It looks even creepier on humanoid figures like what you’ve got.”

So I suggest opening a support ticket with FL.

This may be a modeling issue. I have had this effect on some of my models when the model was made of separate pieces. For example the head is modeled separately that the hair and then simply “combined” in a program like Maya before being exported as an stl file. If the hair layer was too thin on the side you are getting artifacts your printer may be trying to print that very thin surface “bubble” rather than seeing the whole model as solid. It may not be the issue you are having, but it was close enough to the issue I was having that I figured it might be worth a look.

Hi Shane,

I am not a 3D artist, but technically I know enough to confirm that we are not having separate meshes here, with gaps or holes between head and hair or similar. The head has been hollowed, but the remaining geometry is several mm thick and presents a solid geometry. This is for 110% not a modelling issue.

I still haven’t opened a support ticket, but I agree with Matt that this is probably due to the laser beam not being too precise on the outer part of the build surface.