Future Medical Device

Thought I’d share a model from a university project. All parts were printed on a standard Form1, except the screen, which is acrylic.

The ‘head’ was printed in clear and polished on the outside, sand blasted on the inside. The rest was printed with MadeSolid white resin (very early batch). Enjoy!


More pictures here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/16885117/Suture-Future-Medical-Device


Love it great work :slight_smile:

Wow, beautiful presentation model Andrew!

Truly appreciable work! We have been seeing great changes in medical device technology over the years. Conventional treatments are now enhanced with the help of technologically sound medical device which provide immediate care. New medical devices are reducing the gap between life sciences and IT, as you can easily see lots of featuring complementary apps, medical software and many more that enter the high-growth market of healthcare every day.

“Set phasers on stun?” :slight_smile:

Andrew how did you paint the device?
(It is awesome btw!!)

Is this design primarily theoretical? If not, let me know. I am using the form 2 for medical device prototyping as well…perhaps we could discuss?

I love this project. I think it’s primarily a “looks like” model, which is typical for industrial design but I think it is particularly well finished and shot in context. It’s nice to consider this example vs. Sutrue and their “works like” models. Even though they’re both reimagining the suturing experience it really showcases how designers and engineers tackle problems. Ideally development teams manage to converge both approaches into a final product that looks good and works well.