Two Parters

Hello people, at first i thought i was completely over 3d printing, i enjoyed a good stint with filament and had always loved the idea of a resin system (it has a LASER!) (yeah yeah, i know)

and then i got a hold of a magnificent vr app called masterpiece which has pulled me back to my original ideas from 6 years ago.

one of which, is a giant disembodied eyeball (that i designed once on an ipad app now defunct) and kept havng problems printing with extruded filament.

in now using my vr sculpting medium, i have decided to look into getting a form 3 (and wax casting resin, for other side projects) im seriously thinking about getting a form 3 and maybe down the track a form 3l


would it be possible to print an eye mesh in one round, then print the artery map in another round, then push them together delicately so that they wrap and interlock?

(this mostly looks at colour preparations, because you cant actually print two different colours so far :-))