From a backwater planet in the outer rim

I thought I would share a few terrain pieces I printed and painted. My preferred scale is 10-12mm. Nearly everything in these pictures came out of my Form2. I am constantly amazed at what my Form2 is capable of…IMG_2283IMG_2288IMG_2292IMG_2285IMG_2296IMG_2293IMG_2298IMG_2289IMG_2297IMG_2284


These look incredible! How did you go about adding the sand and weathered finish on the buildings?

I spray painted the buildings with a stone texture spray paint after I masked off the non-earthen areas. Then I added a bit of watered down black acrylic wood stain to the corners and recesses. Finally, I dry-brushed on an extremely light highlight of white paint. The rust is Vallejo rust wash. The buildings began their life in a tank of standard black resin, as did the figures and vehicles…except for the pilot with the red shoulder pads- 1/144 Gundam pilot- and the speeder driver- a seated figure from Mechwarrior: Dark Age. All of the vehicle accessories- the machine gun, buggy driver, and the cargo were all printed separately.


“If there is a bright center to the universe; you are on the planet farthest from it.”

Well done.