Freedom from Finding a Flat Base

One of the things I’m really enjoying about my Form 1 is that I can print things now that don’t have a convenient flat surface.  With my Makerbot or RepRap, I’d need to orient the model to make sure that there was a good sized flat base that would stick to the build platform.  If you tried to print without that and just use support, it rarely came out very well.  Think about printing a sphere shape–you used to need to flatten part of it to stick it to the platform well.

With the Form 1, I’ve found that flat surfaces are really unnecessary.  It’s a combination of the cleaner support structures and the SL technology, but the result is that round or organic objects print very nicely.  And, though it still feels weird to me, putting even flat objects on an angle, like the instructions say, really does improve the quality of the print–it’s not just showing off the cool support structure.

If you look at the attached picture of a molecule, you can see that there really was no flat surface.  But it still came out great!


are you using the “Auto Orient” feature then? is that the suggested method? TIA

Love it!