Allow user to indicate which surfaces he would like to keep free of support points "imperfections"

The auto orient feature can come up with multiple positions good for printing.

The support structure will leave points on the surface of the part.

It would be good to allow the user to indicate which surfaces he want to be free of these imperfections.

The auto-orient and even the structure forming can use that, as an input.

Thanks, Rami. This is a request that we get a lot and are working on – we’re considering a variety of different ways of gathering your input on what parts of the model should be support free, and then orienting the model appropriately.

I would definitely like this feature. I’m just starting with Form2 but currently just keep repeatedly clicking the “one click print” button until the model happens to get thrown the way I’d prefer it with the “primary” sourface facing upwards so no supports get applied to that surface. If there was a way to select at least one surface to keep “up” or free of supports, that’d be fantastic.

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You might as well just orient and place the supports yourself