Formlabs Still

One of the dirty little secrets regarding SLA is the handling of IPA. I am currently experimenting with distilling my used IPA. Others have had success with this. Would be awesome for the talented engineers at Formlabs to come up with a solution for this that’s better than a consumer grade distiller.

I’d buy three. :grin:

Hi @SteamFactory ,

Thank you for that feedback! Although I can’t guarantee what will come of it, I will pass this feedback along to our internal teams!

Seems like an explosion hazard lawyers would never approve of, IMO

yeah. You’re probably right. I mean why would Formlabs produce anything that could be a potential explosion hazard, y’know, like SLS.

And IPA doesn’t explode. It (IPA vapor, actually) does burn quite easily. Doesn’t explode.

Form Wash is already a fire hazard, if you think of it that way.

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