Form Wash - ESH Requirements?

Does formlabs have installation requirements for the Form Wash unit? Since it uses IPA, some facilities may require facility safety accomodations such as fire extinguishing, ventilation, and hazardous material training.

It is not for the manufacturer of the machine to say how you should handle the IPA, it may be for the IPA’s supplier to say but in the end you should check the local regulation. In our case the amount of IPA used in the machine doesn’t warrant any specific safety measure.

Depends on the country(probably state if in the US). I’m in the EU and we had to install a fire extinguisher and place the form was in a fume extraction hood. Without it you could feel the IPA in your throat burning when using it intensively.

Thank you for responses. I am in the U.S. The Form Wash has the IPA capacity of 2.6L. Fire extinguisher definitely a smart idea and ventilation also good. Understood it is not up to manufacturer, but wanted to know if any users have had any regulations imposed on them based on their facility requirements. I see many large corporations in the listings and i’m sure there must some regulations imposed in their environments.