Liqcreate Resin Cleaner on 3+

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This is my first post btw! :grin:

I’ve just received my Form 3+ combo. I live in an apartment, so every step toward safety is welcome in my little house. This is the main reason why I bought Formlabs in the first place. Now I found I could use TPM, but I don’t think that is something very easy to come by. I found Matterhackers sells something called Liqcreate Resin Cleaner, and they put in the description it is compatible with Form Labs 2, which uses the same resins as my 3+. The question is, is it compatible with my 3+/form wash?

I want to avoid IPA because it is flammable and its odor. Is this liquid the right path? or should I keep looking for the TPM thing…?

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About IPA, if you’re normally careful it’s fine.
I have my Wash bucket filled around at 40% since my parts are usually small and fit inside the metalic grid.
And when I finish I remove the bucket and store it inside a cupboard to avoid smell.

What are the chances of fire? Like 0%? (I don’t smoke)

Thanks agiorgitis!

I’ll give it a try. I don’t smoke either; however, my printer is not working properly, so it appears IPA or TDM is the least of my problems. I can’t deny I’m very disappointed. Hopefully, customer service will increase my perception in no time.


Hey @ppespepe,
I can’t help but resonate with your question. I felt the exact same way a few years ago. I have two Form 2’s and have a “mini fablab” out of a 2 bedroom apartment. I was very concerned with the flammability of IPA at first. I have a form wash and even tho it was contained within the wash unit, I still kept on smelling the IPA when it was shut. I ended up sealing the top of the lid with a gasket material to try and prevent IPA fumes from escaping and it works pretty well. That may be something to consider. I am by no means happy with using IPA, but at the moment I think it is the best option economically speaking especially if you prototype fairly often. I would ask Formlabs support if the Formwash is compatible with DPM as that is what the liqcreate resin cleaner is. Cheers!

I am in a two-bedroom apartment. :smiley:

I made my printer work. It wasn’t a failure, just a rookie user. I’m running my first resin print ever. No supports, printing directly to the base!

I’m not sure I’ll print continuously, but I like the idea of less odor. Anyway, today I will use an anycubic washer I have somewhere because it is very small. Let’s see how bad the odor is before I commit to 10 liters on my form wash.

I like the idea of the additional gasket. Thanks for that!

Thanks again!

Hi all,

Thank you for sharing your tips and experience here. The Form Wash is compatible only with IPA and TPM as approved solvents. There are various ways to reduce the odor from IPA as others have mentioned here. In general, we recommend keeping the Wash in a well-ventilated area for best safety practices.

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