Formlab 2 Printer Not Working Consistently With Applylabwork Resins

Hello! I am here to address an issue that has been occurring consistently with the Applylabwork resins. We have used the Formlab 2 printer with Formlab resin for some time now which has seemed to work flawlessly, although as of recently we have switched over to the Applylabwork resin because it supposedly works the same as the Formlabs resin and it is cheaper. The Applylabwork resin has been working but not consistently. About 40% of the time the final product of several prints have had holes, been warped and etcetera, although we have not had that problem with the Formlab 2 resin. We are using the Beige V2 resin and not sure why it’s not working. If anyone knows why we may be having this problem with this 3rd party resin please let me know!
Here are some pictures comparing the 3rd party Applylabwork final prints to the Formlab 2 final prints:

This is actually a much better print than most but here a comparison of the two resins, and as you can see the white one, which is the Applylabwork model, and the black one is the Formlab one, and you can tell the Applylabwork is much lower quality. As i said before is anyone else having this issue and dose anyone know how to fix it?
Thanks! Bjorn

I do between 6 and 8 prints a day on 2 Form 2 machines using only ApplyLabWorks Gray Design Concept Series resin with a 99.9% success rate. If you have clean resin trays, resin and the machine glass I don’t see why you shouldn’t have the same results.
One of my machines is fairly old for a Form 2 and the other is one 3 months old. Both jug along with few issues except ones that I may cause. I run at .1 mm layer all the time and print very fine scale prints.

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are you using in open or closed mode?

Open Mode as I run with AWL resins.

I need help.i have formlab the old version. And in trying to use it to print a dental model using a applylabwork resin but it’s not working. Formlab old version doesn’t have a selection for open mode so that I can use 3rd party resin.what should I do?can use my 3d printer.?please I need advice.

AWL Grey for Form 2 uses the FL Grey V3 settings. That’s what I use.

Put a new tray in, again, and it’s off and running with perfect prints. I did download the new Preform and now use .40 points on the bottoms of builds and lower ones up on the parts. Seems to be working great. Just a pain to change the points. What I do is apply the small points automatically then just go in and Edit the base points to larger.

Just putting in my two cents here but I’ve had awful results also. The prints came out just fine but the resins literally eat away at the trays. I’ve blown through 3 trays in just 2 months. You can run a few prints but after a week or so, the silicone on the trays starts to peel off and starts leaking! I’ve contacted Formlabs about it. It has happened consistently and only with Applylabworks resin.

Not sure what particular ALW resin your using but I leave the Gray resin in the trays for weeks if not months with no problems at all. I’ve been running this resin for well over 2 years and have seen none of what you are describing.

I even now mix Gray and FLEX with no issues what so ever. Better make sure that’s actually what the issue is.

Have you contacted ALW about this at all?