Form2: Wifi support for WPA-Enterprise

It would be great if the Form2 would support not only PSKs but also username/password based authentication as one needs for most university networks. I have a lab space, where I don’t have a physical Ethernet wall plug but running water and other tools, which makes it a good place to be.

However, as the Form2 doesn’t support WPA2-Enterprise (standard things WPA2/TKIP/PEAP/MSCHAPv2) I can’t use it without bringing a laptop to upload a print. We tried connecting it via a BeagleBone Black, serving dhcp and using a nat to the printer via a wired connection. However, even when adding a DNAT on port 35, which seems where the communication is happening, will not allow the device to become visible in Preform while it is visible on the Formlabs dashboard. Adding avahi-daemon with enable-reflector=yes to solve any any potential Bonjour discovery problems across different networks still makes this fail so I guess this makes my rather long-winded request to please add full wifi support, including WPA Enterprise.

Many Thanks!


As an alternative has anyone successfully connected to a FORM2 printer using a router/switch? I have root on the router/bridge so can do package forwarding/routing/whatever it takes to make this work. Thanks!

Update: it seems that is not a possible solution as Preform 2.11.3 won’t find the printer anymore.

I agree with this request. We use EAP-PEAP or EAP-MSCHAP at our facility so the Form2 will not connect. Stuck with lugging a laptop around. Also, some more documentation on what protocols and security is supported would be appreciated. Port usage documentation would also be appreciated.