Form1's just got layer improvement!

I just read that the new software also features the layer optimization for the form1/+ that the form2 got two weeks ago!

Great to know that Formlabs didn’t ditch the form1’s!


Q: If I’m building directly on the build platform without supports, does this update understand that? Or, does it use the values of Base Thickness + Height Above Base to determine what a ‘support’ layer is?

PreForm knows where your model starts, so it won’t apply the 100 µm optimization if you’re printing directly on the build platform. The model will always be printed at the specified layer thickness.

Keep in mind that if you generate the base and supports in another program and then import the supported part, PreForm treats the whole thing as a “model.” This is because there’s no way to distinguish the different geometry types in the STL. So in that case, PreForm won’t apply the 100 µm optimization either.

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