Form1+ galvo problem

I have a form1 + and I have problems with galvanometers I printed a 124 x 124 mm cube and came out 124 x 97 preform allows me to correct no more than 4% who can help you know if with openFL you can correct the defect,
Thanks to all the contributions

There can be a few different causes for this and our support team is going to be best suited to help out. You can get in touch with them by submitting a ticket here. Things like part orientation and whether or not an object is being printed flat can affect dimensional accuracy though this is a much greater deviation than we typically see. A deviation of 2mm or 3mm might be explainable with orientation but 20mm - 30mm is much greater than we usually see.

I contacted the support and the solution was:
"By changing your speech, it seems that the resin in your possession has expired in January 2017. Generally, we recommend using Formlabs resins within one year of the production date. The closer you approach the expiration date, the greater the risk that something goes wrong During my printing. My advice is to replace the resin with a more recent batch.
With regard to dimensional deviations, PreForm allows corrections of deviations of up to 4%. Unfortunately, the deviations you are looking at are bigger than 4%. In this case, to resolve the problem, you must retrieve the printer to repair it in our service center. Since the warranty of the ProductiveEmu printer seems to have expired, the cost of the service would be € 750 (+ tax and shipping). Repair service in would include replacement of damaged components and calibration of the printer. "

The printer is not injured even the resin then if the resin and expired change the appearance of the print?! ?? ??? !! ?? !!! ???
If I get the model on y axis + 28% the print is perfect

How hard is it to calibrate the Form1+?

Form1 has simple potentiometers while form1 + has a sofftware calibration that does not allow to exceed 4% of correction

Wonder why?

I don’t know I suppose there is some reasons but I never know

Expired resin will impact print results but I agree with you that it’s unlikely that this is causing the dimensional inaccuracy you’re seeing.

For smaller dimensional deviations, it can be safe to adjust things using software calibration. For more significant deviations like you’re seeing, it’s likely that there’s a mechanical issue that needs to be addressed. While it would be easier if we could correct significant deviations using software calibration, doing so for cases like these might not correct the underlying issue and could lead to other printing issues.


We would prefer it be as easy as software calibration as well but if you’re in touch with our support team, we’ll work to get things corrected for you.

thei sais send us the printer and 800$ i cant spend so much if you guide me i can do it

Unfortunately, we can not provide a procedure because a recalibration must be done at FL. You would need specialized hardware and software to perform a recalibration which is not available for purchase.

Currently, your only option for a repair is to send it in.

You may find that the problem isn’t that the printer just needs to be recalibrated but one of your galvos or driver board needs to be replaced. Then the printer can be properly calibrated.

From my experience, I am very happy I sent my printer in. I needed to have 2 mirrors and the laser replaced. Then printer needed to be recalibrated.

… and yes, I had to pay.

the rorm1+ have the same galvo thet form1 ?

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