Form1 for sale - Faulty with lots of resin - In the UK

Hi all,

I have a faulty Form1 which has had very little use with lots of resin and all boxed up.

I’m located in Hoxton, London and headed up to collect the resin from storage (the printer has been in storage for a while).

I believe Formlabs will do an upgrade service to the newer version for a fee rather than repair so maybe a bit to be had.

Please make me an offer if interested :slight_smile:

Thanks all,


Hi Tom, what is faulty about it? What resins do you have? Are they v1 or v2 resins? cheers

All very good questions Edward :slight_smile:

So I think that I can sort the problem with the printer which is a good sign, it seems to be common. Everything powers on fine and seems functional, I just need to adjust the print bed alignment which is simple enough.

I haven’t managed to find my resins as of yet so bear with me. Not the best of pitches so far!

Let me get back to you after at least finding the resin.



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