Form Wash stuck open

Hello. I was washing the plastic spatula tool that comes with the Form 3 and when the Form Wash opened, the spatula tool pushed the black plastic rim around the top of the machine up and made the machine unhappy. I tried to reseat the plastic back where it goes but when sleeping the Form Wash and lowering the arms -the black metal gets stuck on the black plastic lid… I’ve unplugged the machine and tried to get everything back in place but I must be missing something obvious. I don’t want my alcohol to evaporate away -that stuff is expensive- so I’ve covered it with a trashbag until I can figure this out. Anyone have ideas? Thanks!

Ok. I fixed it. If anyone else comes across this: Near the lid hinge are two prongs, you need to push the plastic rim towards the front of the machine while pushing down to get the rim under the prongs. Your machine should be able to close now.


Yes, it’s easy to get jams in the Form Wash.

I’ve had some odd jams where power cycling has helped.

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