Form Wash: Stirrer disengaging from magnets. TPM too thick?

Hey, first time poster here! :smiley:

My brand new form wash is making horrible clicking sounds when it’s running. It appears the magnets are disengaging from the motor so it’s skipping over them, creating a chattering effect. The stir rate is about half the speed as a result.

I believe this is a result of using TPM. It’s a bit thicker than IPA and I’m in a colder climate so it’s noticeable more viscous. It seems like the motor wants to spin faster than the stirrer will allow due to friction of the liquid. I’ve verified that the motor indeed will go fast.

See this video of the clicking: Video 1

See this video of the motor spinning with a metal pin to verify the motor is fine: Video 2

(Let me know if these videos don’t work and I can find another way to share)

I’m running a brand new setup: Form 3, Form Wash and Form Cure. I’ve decided to go down the TPM route because I’m in small space and don’t want to breath IPA as I work. Maybe TPM was a bad call…

My conclusion is that Form Wash can’t handle this thick TPM material. I think it needs a slower stirring speed but no setting allows for this.

OR am I off the mark? Please comment with any suggestions.

As a stop gap solution, I might just run my parts twice as long and close the office door due to noise but this really seems temporary to get my part finished.


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