Form Wash rattling

Is it normal that the models rattle a lot in the basket? They really get a rough ride.

Next try will be with the platform, wanted to try it in the basket first because this way you should get less contamination of the Ipa with resin. But this rattling noise is getting on my nerves.

Is the rattling from the movement of the parts themselves? Small parts could get moved around a bit by the motion of the IPA, but I wouldn’t expect them to be especially noisy. Keeping parts on the platform should anchor them down so let me know if that solves this for you.

Yep, the rattling comes from the dental models jumping and spinning in the basket. I guess its normal.

When using the platform there´s no noise at all.

Keeping the part on the platform through the wash process also eliminates cleaning the platform. Yeah, the wash bath will not last as long, but a good trade-off IMHO.

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