Form Wash Motherboard

My Form Wash device does not come on and after discussion with support the explanation is “the motherboard is not distributing power correctly”. The 24V led is on, the 3V3 led is not. I am told there is nothing to be done, no replacement boards available.

What have others done to fix this issue?

Hi Greg_Vassmer,

Just for clarification, do you mean the Form Cure? There does seem to be some threads that discuss this, but I was not able to pull up anything definitive - I found this thread that might help get you some insight.

Hi Phil,

I worked through Tech Support and they concluded the motherboard was “not distributing the power correctly” on the motherboard. The motherboard is not replaceable (they said) so offered me a discount on a new Form Wash. I am surprised the board is not available.

Thanks for responding.

Greg Vassmer

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Hi Greg,

Thank you for the update - we were hoping for a better outcome - I’ll provide feedback to the team to see if we are able to provide more replaceable parts for our users - I’m not exactly sure of the ins-and-outs of these parts but we do want to help keep improving the user experience with your feedback.

I suppose that withing the 2 years of warranty they would replace or repair wash for free.
Just like a sandwich maker, some internal parts are not user-replaceable. You just send it to the service and either they repair it or they give you a new one within those 2 years.

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