Form Wash Circuit Board Needed

I have a form wash that is unresponsive. The board is bad and need to replace it. Form does not sell this as a replacement part, Looking for a good used controller board. Thanks!

If you don’t get another board, I can look at yours for a bad solder joint or most component check. I’m a retired electronics engineer and now sell electronic relays for a hobby. So I have a microscope I use to check my soldering. Have you tried unplugging and re-plugging in any cables?

Thanks for the reply! I have only unplugged the power cable - nothing on the board yet. There is a 24V LED that is lit, however the 3V LED is not. I’ll reach out if I can’t find a board.

I am having a similar problem- the 24v led is lit, but the 3.3 is not. If you find a place for a replacement board, will you post it?

Did not find a source for a replacement board. I was able to find someone to replace a component on the board and that got us up and running. I wish Form Labs would provide a resource for parts - especially units that are out of warranty.

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