Form Wash Corrosion

Hello there. We purchased a Form Wash about a year ago. We use it on and off, but recently noticed that the paint was coming off the basket mount. A weird alien growth has been forming around the exposed metal areas. Has anyone has this problem?

Ours is doing the same. Flakes of the paint are falling into the alcohol. Did you reach out and make a ticket? That is my next step.

Oooh, I just looked at your picts. Our paint is coming off, but we don’t have that buildup you see. Ours is just straight up corrosion and the black paint flaking off. What resins do you use?

Looks like left over fried chicken pieces lol. Can’t say that I’ve had this issue. The metal has started to flake off a little bit in mine causing some prints to come out as if someone put a light coating of glitter on them.

Is that cured resin?

What resin are you using? And is the wash station in a clean environment?

For example, Sawdust particles, getting into the IPA can act as nucleating centers for absorbing resin that gets washed off your parts- if your wash station is in an area where it gets exposed to sunlight, the more concentrated resin in the sawdust can partially cure.

So I would check for dust, and sunlight exposure.

When you get enough resin in the IPA, sunlight will cause the entire volume of IPA to Jell like stinky jello.


How frequent are you changing the IPA? Are you using the gauge from time to time?

Do you have a pre-wash container before you place it in the Form wash?

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