Form Wash Basin Rust & Corrosion

Last time we refreshed our alcohol in the wash basin, we noticed a significant amount of the black coating coming off the wash basin. What looks like rust and other brown sticky (presumably old resin) material has been coming off on washed prints recently.

The corrosion/rust is happening all over the portions of the basin that hold onto the basket.

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Using 91% iso alcohol in the basin that gets changed out maybe once a year.

Any input appreciated!

We have a similar problem though not as bad as yours. In our wash basket there is old weird rust colored clear resin bits but more importantly the bolts in the bottom of the basket are rusted and corroded…

In some other threads, it sound like the percentage of IPA is important - using 99% alcohol seems better than a lower percentage? I’m not sure if Formlabs will respond with any support…

Hi TWU_formlabs,

The best way to look into this is to create a support case with our support team and provide photos and the Serial Name of the Form Wash affected in question so they can investigate and suggest additional next steps as needed.

TPM and IPA are typically fine to use from my personal experience but it’d be best to get a more detailed look from our support team to see what ended up happening.