FormWash Metal Rusting

After 1 year of printing dental splints, and after recently starting to use sg resin, me and my colleagues are thoroughly impressed with the form wash. It is a great part of my work system.
When I am in the room, I will be able to hear it raise from the tank upon completion, which is my queue to remove the build platform, and immediately press ‘sleep’ to close the machine, and process the attached parts.

I rarely actually inspect the metal ‘chip fryer’ of the wash tank, as it sits submerged in the liquid for 23.95 hours of the day. The thought never crossed my mind after never hearing or reading anything in the paperwork that accompanies the machine/forums.

But today, after the platform raised from the vat of 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol, I left it elevated for 5 minutes as i went to take care of other tasks around the lab.

This obvious break in routine caused me to spend a minute looking at the metal attachment. And to my surprise, i noticed rusting on certain parts where the metap mesh structure joins itself.

Two spots, the left and the right, both of equal size and colour.


I dont feel like this is enough to upset the quality of finished prints, but i am not well versed in chemistry, and how this may effect the machine itself? I feel like this is not an issue.

The only problem this causes for me is the biocompatibility of the printed parts. Again, i feel it is not detrimental to maintaining the desired biocompatible properties required by law for surgeons to place these in patients mouths, and as i am investigating, i will post any news I find. And while i get confirmation, i am washing the parts in a separate, secondary bath for certainty.

The prints still come out perfectly washed, to my knowledge.

Has anyone ever seen their form wash have this?
If so, is there something im doing/not doing?

Thanks for reading, lets get to the bottom of this!

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90% IPA has 10% water?.. we are using 99% IPA.
I load the build platform in there with the part still on it and clean it then remove the part AFTER it’s cleaned in IPA.
My “fryer” basket hasn’t even been used yet…

it seems unusual that it would be so confined, given every wire is tack welded to that rail the same.

The basket shows no similar signs of rust at any other point… which argues for it being galvanized or otherwise sealed. Ask FormLabs if there is corrosion protection on the basket

I usually only see this pattern of rust when welded joints that are galvanized crack at the weld exposing Ungalvanized metal in between the break.

Check to see if the welds between the individual wires and the top bar are cracked or separated.

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