Form Funnel Won't Load

I seem to be having an issue where the Form Funnel from the blog post won’t open in PreForm. The progress bar at the bottom of PreForm gets about half way then it just continues to wait. I’m wondering if any one else can open it or if there is an issue between the model and the updated version of PreForm.

Are you seeing the issue with any other files? I’m not having any problems in the latest 1.8.1.

I’m not having issues with any other file. I have version 1.8.1 downloaded and have tried opening both old and new .form and .stl files. The only one that won’t load is the formlabs_form_funnel.form (The file is too large to upload to the forum ). My only guess is that there is some issue with the download or with it being a .form file.

I was also able to load the funnel file (downloaded from the blog) in PreForm 1.8.1. Max, if you’re still running into a problem, can you check your computer’s compatibility with our system requirements? Our software dev team may want to look at this, if you can send over your system specifications (OS, graphics card, etc).

I just downloaded the file from the link you provided and it loaded fine. I think that there was some hiccup with my previous downloads. Thanks for the help