Unknown error loading model in Preform since 0.9 update


I’m unable to load my models since I updated Preform. The same files used to work with previous versions (at least in the soft, I’m still waiting for the printer). All are created from rhino 3D.
Does anyone occurred the same problems?

Hi Christophe, could you share the models you’re unable to load, either by opening a support ticket or by attaching them to a comment in this forum? Also, could you describe what happens when you try to load them (does the software crash, is there an error message) and tell us what platform (mac, windows) you’re running on?

Hi Parker,

Thanks for you interest. Here is one of the files, and a screen shot of the error message. I’m running Preform 0.9 on a mac, and the stl has been generated with Rhino 5 mac. Rhino 5 mac is still a beta version, it could be why my files don’t work. But as I wrote, the very same files used to load perfectly with the previous preform…

Thank you


Just saw on the blog, McQuarrie seems to have exactly the same problem.


Thanks – we’ll check this out.

(Parker is also a Formlabs employee, though for some reason he doesn’t have the label).


Hello, I just reinstalled preform, and everything is working again! Nice day

Same problem. Happens with every STL file. Deleted all preform related files but that didn’t fix the issue.


We have received your request through our ticketing system. Our software team is evaluating and will followup!

Same thing with 0.9.11. Good thing that I didn’t buy the printer and don’t need to print when it’s not working, or I would be infuriated.

Have you opened a support ticket with us, Corn? We’d be really interested in trying to resolve the issues you’re seeing.