Form Cure turntable Weight Capacity?

I am thinking of putting a transparent plastic container of water inside the form cure for curing flexible/elastic resins since they are still sticky after cure in air. Is there a weight limit for the turntable I should be aware of or any other reason I couldn’t do this?

I found that the link between the axle and the black parts that indexes into the metal plate is pretty flimsy. The axle is flattened which usually calls for a screw on the mating part, but Formlabs only replicated the flattened bit on the other plastic part.

Even curing huge prints (650ml) was enough to wear that part and prevent the turning. I think filling a 1 liter or more jug of water will also damage the thing.

I just put glue on the axle and it has been fine since… you might just wanna try that.

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