Form Cure for dental models

I am currently using a nail salon curing box as the form cure wasn’t shipping when I bought my printer. I have the Form wash and it works great. My concern with the Cure is that the stage for the prints is pretty small. I only print dental models, so it seems I would have a lot of wasted space in the Form Cure and I wouldn’t be able to cure more than 2-3 models at a time. I print 6 or more at time. I haven’t seen the actual size of the stage in the Form cure, but it looks small. I wonder if I could make a second shelf in the Form cure? If you are using one for dental models please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

The stock rotating stage is a circle with a 7.75" diameter so it has more area than the build platform on a Form 2.

Thanks, that is bigger than it looks in the pictures.

I ended up getting the Form cure. Nice unit. It works way better than my $35 nail curing unit from Amazon!