Is it safe to put a clear plastic container inside of the Form Cure?


I’ve got a flex resin print and part of the instruction is to place the prints inside of a clear container immersed in water to cut off oxygen contact during curing.

Question is, would it be safe to put that clear container into a Form Cure?


Short answer - yes.

Longer answer, there might be some clear plastic materials that would soften or slump if the Cure is at 80C, but you’d probably have to go out of your way to find such a thing. Any plastic container made of PP, HDPE, LDPE, or PET (Recyling numbers 1,2,4,5) should be fine, and even PS (6) woud probably not do anything bad. You also shouldn’t have any problems with PVC (3) or acrylic, Eastman Tritan, or polycarbonate.

The biggest practical concern with putting a container of water into a Form Cure might just be taking a little care to avoid splashing the water around the inside.

Personally, I use a 16oz translucent PP jar filled with water for Curing parts made of Elastic resin.


Awesome, thanks for the swift response!