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Form 3L Dispense Error "Right cartridge is empty or jammed"

Since the firmware 1.6.3 update, my 3L is making this error even though there is a new cartridge. I tried with 3 cartridges in total but no change.

Formlabs support told me to re-seat the Force Sensor board at the back of the printer. I did it but still the same issue occurred. Next step is to re-seat the LevelSense board connector(white piece in the photo) which is sitting right above the metal shell and it’s very hard to access.

Has anyone done this before? I’m not getting good suggestions from Formlabs support how to do this. I removed the screws that are holding the board but it’s still hard to remove it. Even if I can remove it, I don’t know how to reconnect since it needs to be pushed back and push forward to re-connect.

It’ll be helpful if anyone has suggestions how to do this.

Thank you.