Form 3L - Buildplate rises very slowly and very high every layer

Hi. I don’t know if this is a result of the recent update. But I noticed that the last printout which was supposed to take a few hours is already 13 hours long and still far from finished. After each layer is done the buidlplate rises SLOOOOWLY about 5 cm above the resin level. This extends the print terribly. Have any of you encountered this behavior of 3L? Do you have any idea what this could be caused by?


Hi @Segitarius,

Thanks for reaching out about this! It sounds like this issue could be related to a recent firmware update. I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team, who will likely ask you to roll back your printer’s firmware in order to narrow this down.

Ok. Done.


We’re having the EXACT same problem. Started a 14 hour print yesterday afternoon and 12 hours later it still showed 10 hours remaining. We also noticed the bed moving very slowly and coming up much higher than usual. We’ve wasted a liter of resin and still cant run the print until the firmware is fixed. Can we roll firmware back? we don’t really have time.

Yes. You can roll it back. You even should do it. The printer will not come back to proper operation itself. You must download previous version from here:

Then install it on your printer this way:

This software bug is not the worst thing. Mistakes do happen. The situation with this slow buildplate lift made me realize that no one checks the firmware in Formlabs before release. This time it ended up increasing the printing time. Another ill-considered release could result in a major failure.


THANK YOU! In the process of rolling it back now. You’re right, a “bug” with a device like this could do some damage… Like if the Z decided to run backwards and crash the print through the resin vat and the laser trolley underneath. Luckily we only wasted a day and a liter of resin.

Thank you @Segitarius! We definitely appreciate you helping @brandon9271 with providing those instructions - that was going to be my suggestion as the quickest workaround.

Thank you both for your patience - we understand that these issues are frustrating and can be concerning and we at Formlabs assure you that we have you covered there to the best of our ability.

I already replied in a Form2 thread, but lets speak up here too. Got the same issue here, and just updated this morning after not printing for a week or 2. If the issue has already been known for 12 days and it has not been solved yet? Why is the update not pulled after 12 days??

Currently 7 hours in on a job that should take 3.

Hi @consol,

Adding on to my comment from the other thread, my understanding is that this issue is affecting a portion of devices rather than all printers across the board. Of course, I hear you in regards to the impact this has had and the time taken to address the issue. Please rest assured that we are working to resolve this as soon as we can.

May I suggest that Formlabs send an email out to existing clients warning that this issue may exist and what the recommendation is? I imagine this is a lot easier than dealing with this on a case by case basis with angry customers.

I don’t see anything wrong with admitting a mistake and being proactive about it…in fact, it’s probably a better approach overall.

Just be transparent and everyone will respect you for that. A lot of major concerns I’ve heard from others about Formlabs is the lack of transparency behind things. While I’m very happy overall with my machines, I do agree this area could be improved… but this seems like a somewhat systematic cultural organizational thing :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah im not worried about bugs, they happen. its how you deal with them. and not pulling a bugged update weeks after you’ve been made aware of the issue, and not having a solution almost a month after the release, that i do have a problem with.
taking a month to “resolve this as soon as we can” does not inspire confidence.

I agree that more proactive communication about this issue could have mitigated the impact this bug has had on users. I’ve gone ahead and passed along your feedback from this thread and others, highlighting the need for better transparency and a more immediate response when it comes to this type of issue. I appreciate everyone voicing their concerns about the matter.


At the moment, there is one sensible approach to Formlabs updates. Don’t install immediately upon release. You need to wait and figure out if there is a mass complaint about update-related errors on the Internet. I think 3 weeks of waiting is a reasonable time. When after that time it is quiet and calm on the Internet forums then you can install the new firmware version.

Hi Segitarius,

Thank you for sharing your perspective - we’ll be sharing this feedback with our product team to take this into consideration so we can improve the user experience for everyone. I want to piggyback off Jesse’s post that proactive communication will help go a long way to mitigate the impact, and we will work towards doing better there.

We understand your frustration with how these updates have brought issues - the firmware updates are optional, and we get your perspective and approach - you can ignore the prompts and download when you feel is a safe amount of time has passed (as you mentioned for your situation, 3 weeks).

I am not frustrated. The process of restoring the old firmware version went smoothly and seamlessly. I have no regrets or resentment :slight_smile:


Hi all; passing along an update from a different thread:

I wanted to let you know that the latest firmware releases for Form 3(B/+) and 3(B)L printers include a fix targeted at addressing this bug. I appreciate your patience as we worked to roll this out.


Sin duda el problema se soluciona con la desactualización del Firmware. Muy util la información, de haberla leido antes de hacer 1000 cosas sin duda hubiera sido mas utilidad.