After upgrading to the new firmware, Form3 has been stuck on Layer 0 of new print for 4+ hours


I upgraded the firmware on my Form 3 today. I started a new print this evening, around 8pm. It’s past midnight now and the printer says it is still on layer 0. Is this something to be concerned about, perhaps it indicates a failed firmware update?

It appears the printer froze on Layer 1. The screen on the printer is unresponsive. This is with Firmware 1.4.4-468.

I will try rebooting, and re-installing the firmware upgrade.

Looks like support isn’t available today. Going off old threads, I’ve given the printer 30s without power, then restarted it.

After restarting the printer it gave a “this is unexpected…” prompt. The build plate had about a quarter of the first layer printed on it. A 50-micron layer is more difficult to remove than a full raft.

Last time I had PreForm download the firmware itself. This time I downloaded it manually. Is there anything like a CRC check available for the firmware revisions? Perhaps there is an automated CRC check – I see the “validating update” message.

After the firmware update, it rebooted successfully this time.

Uploading print… Print starting… Heating to 31c… Let’s see if it gets past layer 1.

One odd feature is Dashboard says the printer is idle. The print did stop and restart, asking to check whether or not resin is going into the build tray. I’m guessing the printer had trouble telling since the build tray was already so full. Perhaps it has problems reading black resin. Does anyone know what mechanism the printer uses to check how full the build tray is? My guess is the float on the left-side.

Made it to layer 2. Okay, it looks like it might work.

My guess is the firmware update was faulty, that’s why it froze on the initial reboot after the update. The 2nd firmware update did not freeze and printing seems to be working.