Form 3B printing gets stuck on the first layers

Hi there!

I have been having issues with constant failed prints with my Form3B. Print starts as usual, but get stuck on the first layers ( <30 , mostly 5th). Build platform remains at print position all the time. The time report continues until it stops at <1 min.

After a few hours of waiting, nothing happens. I have to reboot printer, clear resin tank from the printed layers and start printing one more time. Usually it helps , but sometimes it doesn`t.

It happens with various resins (Temp CB, Clear V4, Surgical Guide V1) , but mostly with SG. I haven`t found relationship between position , dimensions or supports of the print. Tried different versions of firmware and software , nothing changed( now i have newest versions).

Changing of the resin tank, resin cartridge and factory reset did not help.

Any ideas if this is a user issue, or the printer itself would be greatly appreciated.

Good morning @Emillag,

Thank you for reaching out about your printer issue. This is a case I would definitely send to Support as you’ve already updated the firmware and Preform software, which is the first step in this issue.

Kind regards,

is your printer currently updated?