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Form 3 stuck printing

Not sure, looks like latest firmware. message date 1.11.2021, related to versions of firmware. Update on first request of printer.

printer hold when printing and not resume it.

1st case previous firmware
hight temp V2, resin tank 2.0, filled by resin 450 days…
after print below 200 layers printer hold build platform at print position, on the display state “ready for new print”. reboot printer, remove part of not fully printed detail, restart same print again - all ok. (before was several attempts of printing for size adjustments, all prints correctly just need many times reprint for adjust clearances)
one year ago printer inform like “resin tank out of resource”
yesterday i check status of resin tank and got message like “we haven’t data for hight temp V2, resin tank 2.0, keep using it until it working”

previous firmware
grey pro V1 + resin tank 2.1
put new resin tank to printer - got message like “new unused tank inserted”
start print and got message like “resin tank are out of resources”, ignore it, printer fill resin and print susses. resin cartridge and resin tank was new.

latest firmware
same grey pro V1 + resin tank 2.1, start printing without problem, but around over 200 layers printer stuck with message “check resin tank and build platform”, (abort, skip).
if press skip, message reload many times (so many, how many press “skip”), if press abort, printer double conform about abort and then stuck until reboot.
reboot, remove not fully printed detail, restart printing and again stuck over 200layers.

detail until stuck printed correctly.

if try inspect it, i can remove build platform, look on it, put again, but i cant move resin tank. Once after reboot it release resin tank, i can take it and reload again.

One time i saw error 293.

What happens? what need to do?

3rd attempt, now with video…

looks like help printer.

set LPU for change position, by dustless dry napkin clean glass and film support on the LPU, it really was dirty, mainly film support ribs.
reset printer to factory default
recalibrate again (leveling, resin level, mixer calibration)

set print 0.1mm per layer (before try 0.05mm and adaptive)

it was printed, not know how long time it keeps working. doesn’t see depends with this actions and unexpected “print failure” with stuck printer up to reboot, where all goes well.
probably it depend from time of printing, below 2 hours before fault after printing start. (susses print take 5 hours)

Revert to f/w 1.14

There is a bug in 1.15

I had the same problem since updating the f/w to 1.15.

old verion seems to work fine 1.14.

I think what i do with printer last time before it happens.
when print well printer stay on the table, then i reallocate printer to the special stand (it was manufacture for interior arrangement)
when i reallocate got message need leveling again

when i make reset, i a little turn printer for reach reset button and then turn back as was be.
start up configuration show strong leveling error, make leveling again

probably stand not well and printer lost leveling, but instead inform about it, stuck with message “print fault”

situation very bad, because this “print fault” can happens after 2 hours of printing start.
Also i not understand when with latest firmware “print” button red or blue color. Before was just blue color button.

Very soon i need make prints by rigid 10k very massive components, it will be horrible if this fault happens again. almost 400usd one rigid 10k cartridge in the China.

I will try on cheap resin start print and especially a little tilt printer when it printing.