hello everyone I have a situation with my form3B+.
After a short time print my build plate arm gets stuck 5mm away from the resin and will get an error.
For my long time prints(10hrs-14hrs ) it will stop 2-3 hrs at the 200s layer and will get an error.

the error prompt is

I made sure no resin or dirt is in the threats. looks clean.

Printer Form3B+
material : castable wax V1
Microns : 50

thank you for your time reading,

Hi @DrewSandrock00,

A few initial troubleshooting steps for this issue would be to make sure that the printer’s firmware is up to date as well as testing a different resin tank if you have a spare available. If the issue persists, getting in touch with our Support Team will be the best way to narrow this down further.

Thanks for responding

for my printer,
currently is up to date
new tank
new cartridge

Currently as of this post, it is able to print long prints but when completed it wont go up.
thank you

Hello @DrewSandrock00,

Thank you for the additional detail; I would certainly reach out to our support team at the link Jesse provided above.

Kind regards,