Form 3 stuck at Filling stage

Ive been using my printer for about 6 months now, and never had a problem. Today I wanted to print but the preprint hasent gone over the filling stage. Its been like this all morning. Ive already recalibrated the tank and rebooted the printer. Is there something I did wrong? Normally I let my printer ON all the time, but yesterday I unplugged it to sleep better due to the light being bright. Was this wrong? How do I fix this.

What is on the display?

I have my Form 3 in an unheated garage now, and with temperatures dropping it can take the printer 10-15 minutes to warm-up. This is right around the filling stage, but the display indicates it’s trying to warm up the printer.

Ensure the cartridge valve is OK (push it to see if it’s working), the cartridge cap is opened and there is resin inside the cartridge.