New printer: won't fill with resin and then errors out

I have a brand new form 3 that I just unboxed. Tried to do a test print after updating the firmware and calibrating and it is stuck at “filling resin” for quite a while – only a small trickly was emitted from the resin tank – and then errors out saying there might be a problem with the cartridge. I tried a different resin cartridge and it didn’t fix things. Also when I manually squeeze the cartridge nipple thing it seems to come out fine. Is anyone else having this problem? Was unclear how to contact support as I couldn’t find a phone number to either help or help me RMA… quite frustrated.

Attached is a picture of the fastest fill rate I see.

You can contact Support here:

Are you able to try a different cartridge to narrow down whether it’s that or the printer?

Is the vent on the top of the cartridge open?

Your not alone…

I had the same issue on my new Form 3. That one also wouldn’t reach 31 degs C heating in 15C ambient. Printer was exchanged, but new one was even slower pour. The ambient temperature is now warmer so don’t know if the heating issue is a design flaw or a one off.

Seems to do a couple of ‘pours’ at a drizzle, then reduce to a drip per second. As it gets worse during fill, I suspect the motor / solenoid driver is thermally limiting, or the motor/solenoid coil overheats and looses magnetic effectiveness.

(Then the mixer arm fell off half way through a 1500 print. Then the build platform popped apart - there is a trapped volume of air with rubber seals holding bungs in the end. Then I got 1500 resin that had seeped inside the platform colouring the clear resign when I switched materials, and then IPA in the Form Wash got contaminated with resin leaking back out of the build platform… .)

Raise a case with Support, as they are very helpful, they replaced my first printer, and supplied a replacement build platform.


My wife reached out to support and we got a new printer, but it is also having the same issue. Tried 2 cartridges on both printers. Has anyone had a form 3 “just work” out of the box? My form 2 worked flawlessly, wondering if the form 3 isn’t ready for prime time yet.

I think the filling valve is a design issue…

I made a big step forward in repeatability by using some sheets of insulation to make a box to enclose the printer. It is able to regulate its temperature overnight now. I have a fresh tank and some black resin now, so will retry the fresh-fill this week.