Form 3 print looks like it has cake icing on it


We have had our Form 3 for about a month now, and are generally happy with it. I pulled a print this morning that was basically an elongated cube. It came out with a texture on one side that looked kind of like it was cake icing! Does anyone know what would cause this to happen on a print?
[Image Here](IMG-4320)


How big is that model? Have you printed it before, without the unwanted artifacts? Are they present only on that side of the print?

You could try increasing the size and density of supports, play with the orientation, make sure the optical path is clean, and that the resin is fresh and mixed.

Or it could potentially be a case of the known “ripple” effect suffered by the Form 3 (perusing the Form 3 section will pull up other examples, like here and here). Either way, I’d open a ticket with Formlabs Support.


I find this type of thing happens most frequently because of one or more of these things:

  1. Old resin
  2. Print was started before resin was up to temperature
  3. Resin has lots of air bubbles in the tank.


that defect looks very similar to what some of us have seen with the Form3.What resolution were you printing at.have you had successful prints of this model on the form3 before?


I have the same issues. I am brand new to resin printing so I could be making a lot of mistakes. Up to this point I used the “autoprint” feature on the software since I don’t really know what I am doing yet.

BUT, all my parts printed with the white resin (FLGPWH04) have ~ 0.25 mm extra layer…just like icing. I am following the suggestions for both the wash settings as well as the curing settings.

Is this just something I have to live with and design around?


This was printed at 50um. I didn’t reprint it because that particular face was not important. I was just wondering why it would happen so I could maybe prevent it in the future.


You mentioned old resin. This was printed after replacing the resin cartridge for the first time. Should I be dumping out the resin from the tank and cleaning it periodically?


Hi rkagerer,
The part was about 76mm in length. I did not reprint it, but it does look like a similar artifact that appears in parts that have the “ripple” effect. Thanks for the links!


I think it had to do with the age of the resin that was in the cartridge as it was expired and had not been used in a long time.

As long as I keep the tank covered then I do not worry about the age of the resin in it. And even when I change to a new tank because an old tank is worn out then I pour the resin from the old tank into the new one.


Thank you Matt!
How often do you replace the tank on the Form 3? We have only had ours for just over a month.