Form 3 - Large Print - Quality Issues


We are loving our new Form 3.

However our first large print (~300mL) has resulted in some weird issues.

I’m aware of one potential fix, to print the model at an angle, but before I spend another 300mL worth of resin, I thought I would ask here for any tips.

Black v4 is the resin.



We work with a Form 2 but when printig with Black Resin we tend to get the same results as you. Maybe it is the resin and not the printer?

try to load with some angle like 10degress in X or Y axis

Angling it as others have suggested is the recommended way to go. However I’m curious whether the warping of the bottom walls would be remedied by printing direct-on-base rather than on supports. I’ve noticed some circumstances where box-like structures I print on the base come out more square (presumably from the larger contact area with a rigid plate) than when I do them on supports (even with lots of supports). You could test this without excessive resin use by slicing out the bottom portion of your model and just printing the first couple centimetres. But it won’t solve your lines/ridge issue (which I expect stems from the sudden changes in part surface area around the slice they’re encountered)

I would print that model something like this:

Angle it towards the wider arm OR away from the wiper arm. That way, movement of the peeling process will lessen the risk of warping.

Never print a “flat” part like that perfectly horizontal if you use supports. The printer has a hard time connecting wide, flat areas in one layer. If you had a part that was “solid” for the first few layers, you could print directly on the plate without supports. The clear parts in these photos were printed without supports on a Form 3.




Thank you everyone for the responses, appreciate it.

We’ve actually had pretty good success printing certain parts directly on the build platform and do this quite regularly. However as has been pointed out you need a solid base to start with in the model and this doesn’t really have that.

The ‘rim’ of the bottom area I don’t think would be enough to retain a part of this weight later in the build?

Certainly don’t want it falling off when it’s 90% complete and breaking the build tray membrane.

We will try angling model as suggested, towards/away from the wiper, and give it another go.

Thanks again


Hollow that guy out if you don’t need it to be solid. Less weight/stress means less likelihood of deformation and less supports needed. If you want to print directly on build plate you’d have to manually add structures under that base and post machine/remove them out. Otherwise any large flat surface printed perpendicular to the bed will deform.

Also key point, don’t kill yourself over one model. Sometimes the tech isn’t optimal for a particular part and your time is worth money too. Always consider outsourcing to SLS or MJF if you are finding a lot of difficulty.