Form 2 won’t boot .Help!

I will explain my problem.
Just bought a Form 2 with the knowledge that is running well but there was some resin spillage.
So when i received it i first checked the printer by booting it.
Everythings looks just fine.
So i now cleaned the machine at the inside. Removed some parts.
After reassembling i wanted to check the machine. After powering it on i leveled the machine. At one moment i got the message that the lid was open. But the lid was closed. So what ever i did the message stayed there. So i unplugged the machine but the machine didn’t want to come back alive. Some moment i got a white screen but nothing more. After unplugging again the screen stayed black.
Hopefully someone can help me with some suggestions.
Is there a way of resetting the mainboard like a pc mainboard?
Or by connecting it with a pc by a usb cable?

thank you

Back again.
Leaving my printer from the power for a somehours. And it booted just like nothing was happened.
Patience is a nice thing.

Hi AlfredV

I just bought a form 2 with the same Problem “Booting but then did not boot and also spillage”. So I who thought that I am so clever, tried to boot up - form 2 did nothing. Disassembled the whole thing, cleaned all parts, contacted support but in the end the only option was to get $500 discount for a new form 3 and the printer won’t boot - nothing. Even after 3 weeks on no power, no boot sequence. Is the printer still working?

So are there other people repaired or replaced something and the printer would magically work again?

What I already have done:

  • cleaned the whole printer
  • checked the ribbon cable from the lcd
  • checked button if really has contact (because of resin spillage)
  • checked if power supply has power (24V)
  • contacted support to get assured that the printer will boot even nothing is attached to the pcb
  • checked with a bad thermal camera of hotspots on the pcb, only chips got warm that are supposed to get warm (mcu)
  • cleaned all connector
  • looked through an extremely well made teardown: Formlabs Form 2 Teardown « bunnie's blog

Any advice, literally any will be really appreciated. I searched for replacements for the SOM or RTKB but no chance at all. I hope further that there is this one guy, who’s a genius, that can solve this problem with ease.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Steamcatcher,

Thanks for reaching out about this - I’m sorry to hear about the Form 2 booting issue you encountered. Given the steps you’ve tried so far, it’s possible that there is motherboard damage which we could not address in-field. In case you have not already discussed this with Support, double checking the motherboard LED status can provide some insight into the issue.

Hi Jesse_K

Thanks for the fast response. Here is a picture of the whole board with power on. Do these LED’s indicate something to you?

When I had contact with the support, he stated, only from the pictures of the RTKB (Green border and detailed one ), that the RTKB does not look very well. And yes after a very thorough cleaning it has some leftovers from the PCB cleaner but as also stated, the mainboard should start without the RTKB.

Thanks for the support

Hello @Steamcatcher -

The double green LED is what we expect to see in this instance which means power is flowing normally from the wall. That said, this isn’t an assurance that all the components in the printer are starting up properly. Motherboard electrical is not something we can fix in field, even after a thorough cleaning.

At least the power seems about right :slight_smile: . Is there somehow a possibility to test RTKB and / or the SOM alone. I saw in another post (DonvVito: Replacement for PCB or replace stepper motor driver), that the guy from the post tested the motor with, I think, a ramps (or similar) and could verify that the motors are still working. So I am looking for something similar to test the RTKB and/or SOM.

Thanks for the support

Hi @Steamcatcher,

I’m afraid that we won’t be able to offer much assistance in this regard. You may be able to perform some tests on these components on your own, but please keep in mind that we do not have these components available as user-replaceable parts.

Thanks Jesse_K for the enlightenment. I must ask a question that I had from the beginning when I bought (already used, secondhand) my Form 2. I understand that the Form 2 is relatively old (released in 2011) and I understand that older products get replaced with newer ones but how I am supposed to get official support for an Form 2 and I do not mean the offer of 500$ for the Form 3. Where there never an option for hardware replacements? This is not a rant or similar I am just curios because do I not have somehow a right to repair?

Thank you for the information

Hi @Steamcatcher,

No problem; thank you for your question. Due to the nature of this particular issue (electronics-related), this is not something that we can narrow down in-field. We certainly try to rule out other potential causes for this type of issue, such as the display or power cable, but if the issue ends up being electronics-related our only option is a printer replacement. We do still have hardware replacements available for other Form 2 components, but we are not able to offer troubleshooting or replacement for electronic components themselves.

It is a little frustrating but I guess I have to get over it. Thanks Jesse_K!

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Hi All
I am back with updates. As I was left with my new paperweight, I searched near my place for other users with faulty Form 2 and I got lucky, there was a guy near me and his printer could not get consistently good prints - so in the end he sold his printer on an auction platform and I was happy enough to get this printer.

I really had to clean the printer because the SO-DIMM from the CPU connection was full of resin. Fast forward the printer boots - atm I did not make a print but I did interchange the SO-DIMM CPU from my old faulty printer (SN: RapidLion, Green SO-DIMM) to the new “faulty” printer (SN: GlisteningYak, Black SO-DIMM) and magically the printer boots or at least boots to the message, that I have a counterfeit printer

. I guess that the hardware is somehow linked and further I know that the mainboard of SN: RapidLion is faulty.

Again, I will try to contact support as of now, I know exactly which part of the printer is damaged and hopefully get a replacement.

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