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Form 2 won’t boot .Help!

I will explain my problem.
Just bought a Form 2 with the knowledge that is running well but there was some resin spillage.
So when i received it i first checked the printer by booting it.
Everythings looks just fine.
So i now cleaned the machine at the inside. Removed some parts.
After reassembling i wanted to check the machine. After powering it on i leveled the machine. At one moment i got the message that the lid was open. But the lid was closed. So what ever i did the message stayed there. So i unplugged the machine but the machine didn’t want to come back alive. Some moment i got a white screen but nothing more. After unplugging again the screen stayed black.
Hopefully someone can help me with some suggestions.
Is there a way of resetting the mainboard like a pc mainboard?
Or by connecting it with a pc by a usb cable?

thank you

Back again.
Leaving my printer from the power for a somehours. And it booted just like nothing was happened.
Patience is a nice thing.