Replacement for PCB or replace stepper motor driver

so my Form 2 is probably 2 years old and has no warranty anymore and suddenly the printer died. Starting a print job the Z-Axis stopped and smoke came from the right side of the printer. I opend the printer as the warranty was already gone. And I think I localised the defect at the motor driver of the Z-Axis.

So my question is. Is it possible to replace the stepper motor driver as it is online available for just a few euros, or is it possible to get a new board, for a decent price?

I’m still a student and I got the printer used but it was working great, so sending it to formlabs for 1000€ is no possibility for me.



If the motor driver on the board actually burned out, then there must be something pulling too much power to do so. Are you sure the stepper motor is still OK? Maybe measure the coils to be sure.

thanks for your reply fantasy2,

I tried to move the Z-Axis with my ramps board from a fdm-printer and with it the axis moved fine.
Everything is working just the Z-Axis isn’t moving, so I thought it is the driver. But maybe it could be something else?

The power supply is still OK? I’ve read some people had issues there.
You can probably buy a new driver and try again, maybe it just was a bad chip.

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