Stepper motor replacement?

So my bases on my models get printed thciker on the hinge side of the tank than on the opposite side. They get way too thin on the right hand side looking at the printer! My stepper motor makes crunchy noises from time to time and my theory is that I have to replace the stepper motor. I am not going to invest in 1000 € repairments by formlabs and we have to find a solution to repair our form1+ printers in the future anyway if they stop producing them in march. So did anyone already repalced the stepper motor and knows a source where to buy it?

Have you been in touch with our support team? We may be able to recommend repairs for this that don’t require sending the printer in for repairs. Can you upload some images of the differences in thickness you’re seeing? That might be a big help in identifying the root cause of this .

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