My Form 2 won't boot

Hi! My Form 2 does not boot. It is pluged in and the screen wont star, nor the motors. I have opend it and cleaned some resin. It’s been 5 days unpluged and nothing changed.
I can see 2 red lights on one of the components, but don’t know what they mean.

Can some one please help me? T.T

PD: I’m from Argentina, forgive my english, is not verry good

Hello @horo66 ,

Thank you for your post. The LEDs show power is going to the printer, so I would reach out to Support for assistance. Check if the motors are moving during startup; you should be able to hear them. If they’re moving then it may be a display issue.

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The motors does not move, the screen does not start amd the power boton does not light. Any other ideas?

Hi horo66,

We suggest you create a support case with our support team if you have not already as they would be able to thoroughly troubleshoot this issue further with the information you are providing to provide the next best steps, as we are only able to provide basic troubleshooting within the scope of the forums.

@horo66 Any update on your printer issue?

Not yet. We are going to take the VAR-SOM-AM33 for a deep clean. My technical electrician took a look and told me it was making false contact, so we bought a static free brush and a bracelet to avoid static on people. I will write how it goes next week.

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